After sharing sympathy for Mr. Abe, a Tangshan professor is attacked by the little pinks

On July 8, the news of the assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe caused the little pinks (referring to the young Chinese ultranationalists), who was educated under the hatred of the Chinese Communist Party, to celebrate gleefully. However, a female professor in Tangshan said that no one in her friends’ group cheered for this news, so she was cyber-attacked by the little pinks, and later her Weibo account was permanently banned.

News of Mr. Abe’s killing quickly became a hot topic on mainland China’s online platforms. That afternoon, according to the News, Mr. Abe’s killing quickly became a hot topic on mainland China’s online media.

That afternoon, news of Mr. Abe’s assassination made up eight to nine of the 10 hottest search lists of Weibo, Baidu, and Tiktok. According to the Epoch Times, news of Mr. Abe’s assassination made up eight to nine of the 10 hottest search lists of Weibo, Baidu, and Tiktok.

As people worldwide expressed their condolences and mourning over Mr. Abe’s death, there were many congratulatory comments on Chinese online platforms. Yamagami Tetsuya, the assassin who shot Mr. Abe, has even been called an “anti-Japanese hero.”

Many netizens said that after Mr. Abe was assassinated, Weibo gave users the freedom to comment. Weibo has now reopened some previously banned functions.

Mr. Xing, a Chinese writer, told an Epoch Times reporter on July 9, “The assassination of Mr. Abe is a terrorist attack and should be condemned, but many of China’s Little Pinks laughed at other people’s pain. It’s like these people drink wolf milk to grow up. This is the class struggle education of the Chinese government, aimed at educating hatred and spreading hatred that corrupts humanity. I am ashamed of them and call this group of people xenophobes.”

On the afternoon of July 8, Shi Wenying, a professor of the Chinese Department of Tangshan Normal College, whose social media account is “Xiaoyuan—Dedicated and Loving,” posted on Weibo: “About the assassination of Mr. Abe, I’m glad that the people I befriended on Wechat did not post any uncivilized cheering comments. People who do not share the same opinion, cannot talk together. Neighbors in mourning, do not dress well, the house has a coffin, cannot be happy. Today, human nature is distorted, the soul is dirty and ugly, it’s shameful facing ancestors and ancient people.”

This post by Ms. Shi Wenying has attracted many little pinks critics. Later, Ms. Shi posted another post with the content: “I am ashamed of my country! Poet Goethe said: A morally corrupt person feels glad when others meet misfortune. When some people become inferior, that’s when the misfortunes of others are the only thing that makes them happy!”

However, more and more little pinks poured into the comment area of ​​her post to scold and curse, then she was forced to delete that post, but not stopping there, the little pinks flooded her other posts leaving offensive comments. In the evening, her Weibo account was permanently banned.

According to public information on social networks and NetEase, Ms. Shi Wenying, whose pseudonym Xiaoyuan, was born in 1962. Originally from Suning County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, she is a professor at Tangshan College of Education and a Visiting Professor at Beijing University. She graduated from the Chinese Department of Hebei Normal University.

According to Aboluowang, a netizen claiming to be a member of the Communist Party of China with more than 200,000 fans, posted an article that said: “For this type of person (referring to Shi Wenying), it is not just a permanent ban. Tangshan College of Education has to monitor and handle her seriously!”

The Chinese Internet technology company “NetEase” also published an article asserting that if the Tangshan Normal College and the Tangshan City Party Committee do not immediately exclude this professor, they are afraid that Tangshan will be the center of national attention for a long time. After that, Tangshan College of Education announced that, because of Ms. Shi Wenying’s false statements on Weibo, the school paid great attention to the incident and set up an investigation team and will rely on regulations to handle this case seriously.

Jin Canrong, a professor, known for being anti-American at the Renmin University of China, said on Weibo on July 8 that he was shocked when he first saw news of the attack on the former prime minister Abe. In the second paragraph, he remarked: “That year, Mr. Abe as prime minister, he all started with Japan’s interests first. In my opinion, he is a very loyal person to the country. So from a Japanese citizen’s perspective, he is still a very good politician. I personally met Abe. When he was a member of parliament, I visited Japan with some scholars and met him at the parliament hall. Mr. Abe is a very polite person, and his brain reacts very quickly. What happened today is a tragedy.”

However, Jin Canrong’s comment was also mocked by netizens in the comment section: “Professor, stop pretending;” “Being a professor so he only can secretly laugh, after going home he goes celebrate, only in public he restrains.”

However, facing the joy and gloating of the little pinks, there were also mainland netizens who frankly said: “The comment area is full of inhuman things, did Abe make you quarantined at home? Did Abe keep you from going to school? Did Abe forcibly destroy your house? Did Abe beat up girls at a barbecue on the street?”

“Abe is gone. Can you guys eat barbecue with peace of mind? Is it completely safe to put money in the bank? No need to take nucleic acid tests every day? After all, whose death is really worth the excitement?”

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