A video posted on the social platform shows how the Chinese police forcibly remove items from a grocery store on May 28, at around 7:30 pm.

At first, only 3 or 4 police officers came to pick up the goods. When they meet the resistance of the store staff, the number of police officers suddenly doubles. Some quickly suppress the store staff; one films the process while the rest blatantly keep taking things out of the store. 

One policeman is so excited that he slips and falls.

One store staff member subsequently tries to protest again, attempting to take back items from a police officer. However, he is helpless and powerless in the face of the group of police. 

Six policemen surround him, and then he is forcibly pulled away and appears to be put in the car.

There’s no information about the store owner’s violation, but police actions receive strong condemnation from netizens.

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