Recently, a video of chaos in front of the Chinese embassy has gone viral on Twitter. Public outcry about the inappropriate way that the embassy staff treated protesters rang out. Most people said they felt shame watching the video, especially when it happened in America.

On August 14th, a group of Chinese people protested at the Chinese Embassy in the U.S. to express their disagreement with the corruption in China. As in the footage, embassy staff representing the Chinese regime in the U.S. shouted at them in a loud voice and used swear words. Xu Xueyuan, the Chinese minister in the United States, even showed her middle fingers to the protesters. 

It only ended when the U.S. police got involved. A protester claimed that the Chinese authority threatened him at the scene. Another said, “There is no way to petition (protest) in China, so I have to petition abroad.”

There are many comments on the video, such as: “Seeing this group of shrew performances, you can see clearly what the CCP is. In the United States, they are so arrogant and domineering toward the protesters. How will they treat the petitioners and protesters in China?”

Also, “A government that dares to swear at the people in other countries and raise the middle finger, and insists that it is the people’s government is a great irony.”

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