The Chinese regime has always advocated using military force to unify Taiwan. In its attempt to invade Taiwan, one of the most critical capabilities the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) relies on is amphibious attack power. Reportedly, Taiwan has strengthened its military capabilities against amphibious attacks. The Chinese military also supports its amphibious forces with “new weapons.”

On September 27, a video was posted in “China Youth Daily” showing new equipment for individual amphibious operations. The video shows Chinese soldiers riding jet surfers, landing with rifles in hand, and dashing forward.

The video was posted on Twitter by @louischeung_hk, a user who regularly posts photos and videos of the Chinese military. This video has attracted significant attention from internet users. The NTDTV newspaper quoted the enthusiastic comments of netizens as follows:

The account named Dread Knight commented: “The Taiwan Strait is home to some of the deadliest sharks in the world: tiger sharks, bull sharks and great white sharks all salivating right now, looking forward to their arrival.”

An account named Vincent Nguyen wrote: “Can they pass through the Taiwan Strait? They’d better stay underwater because there will be helicopters, snipers and 20mm cannons overhead.”

A netizen on Twitter with the nickname “Penguins are also birds” wrote: “Poor nature, they have no money to buy a submersible system, no money to buy underwater propulsion equipment, this thing looks ridiculous when surfing. You could say it’s an item with very poor technology.”

Charles Mathewes wrote: “It is very useful when you are playing raid in the children’s pool.”

Many Twitter users emphasized that the Chinese military would not be able to carry much ammunition with such equipment, which is very important in the event of an invasion. In addition, netizens are worried that the surfboard does not seem to have an extensive range, and the Chinese military may have difficulty using this device at sea. And such devices will only make Chinese soldiers easy targets for the Taiwanese military to attack.

In recent years, Taiwan has deployed various tactics, such as placing mines underwater to hinder Chinese ships. If their military succeeds in stopping China’s amphibious assault, the island nation will be invulnerable.

On September 30, the Republic of China Navy (Taiwan) added another weapon, and the first new state-made amphibious assault ship, “Yushan Battleship,” was officially handed over.

The most outstanding feature of the “Yushan Battleship” is its relatively intense capability of anti-aircraft fire. Its launcher can hold no less than 32 medium-range surface-to-air missiles. It’s the first time Taiwan’s battleship has such a powerful air defense capability.

According to reports, the Yushan Battleship is about 500 feet (152 m) long, and the underwater hull is about 20 feet (6 m). It has a top speed of 21 knots and a range of about 7,000 miles. Transporting troops and helicopters and conducting amphibious assaults from a distance is one of Yushan’s essential tasks.

For amphibious assault capabilities, the Yushan Battleship can accommodate up to 673 soldiers, and the deck can carry an AAV7 crawler amphibious vehicle. In addition, it can accommodate two UH-60 helicopters that operate on a separate landing deck.

NTDTV, citing the ROC Defense Ministry’s announcement, said that the Yushan Battleship “will resupply our remote islands, transport troops, and conduct humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and strengthen our force by bringing along the Task Force.”

In parallel with the commissioning of the “Yushan Battleship,” five new mechanized landing craft were also handed over to the Republic of China government.

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