On May 10, China’s National Immigration Administration stated that the authorities would impose a more tightened immigration policy. Approvals and issues of exit and entry documents process will be stricter. Chinese people’s non-essential travel abroad would also be severely restricted for epidemic prevention.

On the same day, Radio Free Asia obtained a screenshot from a group chat of staff working at the Pudong airport in Shanghai. Accordingly, the message wrote that anyone who hated the country and the party would be allowed to leave China. Those who possess permanent residence cards of another country, carrying a large amount of foreign currency, or a certificate of savings in another country… are named examples.

Zhejiang-based commentator surnamed Lu told the news outlet that the policy had nothing to do with pandemic prevention. He said, in fact, the purpose was to prevent people from seeing the real world outside China.

Many netizens posted on the internet that their green cards were canceled. A mother holding a U.S. green card wrote in a Wechat group that her card was forcibly cut. The incident happened when she accompanied her child with U.S. citizenship going through customs inspection in Guangzhou.

Another incident where a netizen said that he claimed to have left the customs from Dalian to Japan. He saw more than a dozen people with passports cutting up with his own eyes. One of the customs security staff told him that she had cut more than 20 passports that day.

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