As Jimu News reported on Wednesday, the floodwaters of China’s Xin River inched upward recently. In just a few hours, the surging waters of the river poured into the ancient town of Shaxi in Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province. The water level rose rapidly. Panicked and unprepared, some locals couldn’t move their properties to a higher place on time, causing costly damage to properties. 

On Tuesday, several local merchants held an interview with Jimu News, telling the news station about the heavy losses they suffered. Some people thought that the flood was caused by the flood discharge from the upstream reservoir as well as the torrential rain. Notably, they did not receive any warnings regarding the flood discharge.

Flooding caused grave damage to a garment factory

On Tuesday morning, the flood in Shaxi Ancient Town had already receded. 

The merchant, Ms. Wang (pseudonym), said that her garment factory was heavily damaged by the flood. It took her many days to resume normal operations while handling the flood’s aftermath.

Located in the ancient town of Shaxi, Ms. Wang’s garment factory is almost 2 miles away from her home. Since June 17, the local area has experienced heavy rain. Since then, the water level of the Xin River has gradually risen. Ms. Wang was always aware of the possible flood.

At 3:00 p.m. on June 20, Ms. Wang recalled that many villagers by the Xin River had received a notice to transfer their belongings to the second floor and other heights. Yet, she didn’t receive any warnings.

At around 6:30 p.m., Ms. Wang and her husband arrived at the factory. They  and several workers transferred most of the clothing and fabrics to a higher place. 

After leaving the factory, they rushed to their two nearby warehouses to check for valuable materials.

When she arrived back at the factory, she found that the water level had increased by more than one meter (about one yard). She could only stand still, watching her fabrics and clothes soaked in water. 

According to Ms. Wang, the worth of the clothes and fabrics is roughly about 180,000 dollars. They spent several years working incredibly hard for their business. They had to start from zero now. Ms. Wang sadly lamented, ‘It’s so heartbreaking.’

She received the notice of the Qiyi Reservoir flood discharge in the WeChat Moments 9 o’clock that night. 

Ms. Wang questioned why the public was not notified ahead of the flood discharge.

Frozen goods worth hundreds of thousands of yuan could only be discarded

Another merchant surnamed Li in Shaxi Ancient Town faced a similar situation. On June 20, at about 5 p.m., the water level quickly increased. After two hours, the water soared to about one yard) in some places and about 1.7 yard at its deepest.

Mr. Li recalled that at around 5:30 p.m., the town’s radio notified citizens to move goods to the second floor or other high places. However, it was too late. Not being alerted on time, plus the water rose quickly. As a result, many frozen goods kept on the first floor were soaked in water.

Mr. Li stated that all the damaged frozen products cost up to roughly 75,000 dollars. He couldn’t do anything besides throwing them away. 

Besides heavy rain, Mr. Li believed that the upstream Qiyi Reservoir discharged the flood but that no one was informed of it beforehand.

What does the authority say about it?

A staff of the Shangrao Municipal Party Committee’s Propaganda Department said that the reservoir had informed people before discharging the flood. The staff said that the claim of that guy about flood discharge without warning is simply false.

A reporter for Jimu News spoke with the staff of Yushan County’s Qiyi Reservoir Administration Bureau on Tuesday. According to the staff, the reservoir had already reported to the Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters and government departments at midday on June 20 before discharging floodwater. The staff didn’t know why the public didn’t receive the notice until 6 o’clock in the evening.

Besides the two above-mentioned cases, according to the Chinese media outlet People’s Daily, the Jiangxi Shangrao Ruidong Hospital faced unexpected flooding on June 20. The hospital’s first floor was completely flooded following the incident. Many of its critical types of equipment were also damaged.

It is estimated that the damages could be worth up to about 1.8 million dollars.

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