For 73-year-old lawyer Li Yuhan, the Chinese regime has become her nemesis. This human rights activist, known in Beijing as the “big sister” for her compassionate dedication to the defense of conscientious objector citizens, has suffered cruel treatment, physical and psychological torture since she entered the Chinese prison system on October 15, 2017.

At the beginning of her imprisonment, Li Yuhan had to go on hunger strike to allow herself to be treated humanely by the prison authorities, who, violating all ethical principles, subjected her to long periods without food, medication, or warm water, as reported to her son, Mr. Ma Wei, Ms. Yuhan’s defense lawyer.

This woman, whose legal representation in 2015, of Wang Yu, an internationally renowned criminal lawyer opposed to the Chinese regime, burned her ships in front of the partisan apparatus of the Asian nation.

Finally, Ms. Li Yuhan, after being detained in the city of Shenyang, Liaoning province, on spurious charges of “picking fights and stirring up trouble”, to which was added, on October 27, 2020, a new charge of “fraud in things”, has been under forced internment since October 20, 2021, when she was tried by a court that has not pronounced a final judgment. She is also denied release on parole due to her precarious health situation, affected by several heart attacks and lack of medication.
The situation for Mr. Tan Jiang, a civil defense lawyer, could not be worse. Mr. Tan Jiang suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and syncope with loss of consciousness. His way of the cross began, on March 23, 2014, when he accompanied his colleagues, Jiang Tianyong, Wang Cheng and Zang Junjie to northern China, to Heilongjiang province, to investigate an alleged secret prison, used by the Chinese government in the forced disappearances of practitioners of Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline of the Buddha School persecuted by the Communist Party, which turned his citizen devotion into an object of repression by the Chinese regime.

His last imprisonment, on December 10, 2021, when Tan Jiang was expected to travel to an event in the European Union for the celebration of the International Human Rights Day, which was taken advantage of by the repressive communist security apparatus for his kidnapping and forced internment, has become his tomb. Only a few news have transcended outside the prison walls, and place Mr. Tan as a victim of cruel and life-threatening treatment and torture.

Wang Yu: “The darkest moment”

After the death on July 13, 2017 of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (2010) Liu Xiaobo, a prisoner of conscience of the Chinese regime until shortly before his death, and noting the Chinese communist party that the imprisonment and physical disappearance of this human rights defender did not affect its infiltration in the West, neither did it put a brake on investments by foreign companies in communist territory, much less the great support for the Maoist agenda by world leaders and governments.

The Communist Party Central Committee was tasked with a wave of mass arrests of opinion leaders, artists, lawyers, dissidents and prominent members of civil society who went to prison in 2017.

William Nee, research and advocacy coordinator for the NGO: Human Rights Defenders, told Deutsche Welle (DW) that the Chinese regime is interested in keeping these imprisoned human rights lawyers quiet, and expends enormous efforts in cruel treatment against them because their death has no political cost to China’s grand totalitarianism.

The silence of the international community is breaking, but there is still a certain inertia of free Western institutions and democracies such as Japan, which, because of huge economic interests and pressure from the Chinese Foreign Ministry, maintain a wall of complicity with the Communist Party.

Recently, the Office of the United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights and its representative, Michelle Bachelet, assured that they had received pressure from Beijing to delay or not to make public the report on human rights violations by the Chinese Communist Party.

Also the lawyer. Wang Yu, commented to D. W: “Due to the government’s tightening of the environment, the space for human rights protection in China is getting smaller and smaller, and fewer and fewer people dare to do things. I don’t know how bad the situation will be in the future? he asked. If we look at the situation we have experienced in the past, now is the darkest time.”

In this sense, the denunciations of Mr. Willian Nee and several other organizations that watch over the lives of political prisoners are very important. Interviewed by Deutsche Welle, they have not stopped, since September 13 of this year, alerting the international community about the lives of Li Yuhan and Tan Jiang, two human rights lawyers who will soon die if they are not released from prison.

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