The news of the former national football captain Gao Lin’s public sale of a luxury house in Guangzhou with a price tag of hundreds of millions has attracted much attention and heated debate.

According to Jimu News, on July 14, the real estate media person “PAPA SC Johnson,” on July 13, said that Gao Lin, a 36-year-old former national football captain, was publicly selling his house in Guangzhou. The cost is 145 million yuan, equivalent to 21 million dollars. Photos on the Internet show a long queue of intermediaries visiting the house, causing a sensation.

Although information about luxury houses of Chinese star players has appeared frequently on the Internet, it is rare to expose specific owners by name.

One media person wrote on his social platform: “The famous player Gao Lin is going to sell the house in Guangzhou Qiaoxin Huiyuetai, attracting all the intermediaries to see the house! It’s scary! The house is in Building 1, a home with a floor area of ​​about 437 square meters. The asking price is 145 million! It is equivalent to a unit price of 330,000 yuan per square meter!”

The heated debate led to analyze the current economic crisis and the gloomy prospects.   

Many fans are also discussing this matter with friends. Some people think about who can afford to buy a 145 million yuan mansion. Considering the average monthly salary is 5,000 yuan for ordinary office workers, an average person must work for 29,000 months without eating or drinking for an equivalent of 2416 years. Migrant workers should have started working during the Warring States Period or since Qin Shihuang proclaimed himself emperor.

Jimu News quoted a real estate agent saying, “The owner of this property is a professional player, and he has been selling information before.”

Jimu News said two of its reporters lined up to see the house. They said there were many people at the entrance of the Huiyuetai Community.

In fact, there has been a lot of news about celebrities getting together to sell houses on the Internet recently.

According to Sound of Hope, Dong Ximiao, chief researcher of the Zhongguancun Internet Finance Research Institute and a part-time researcher of the Fudan University Financial Research Institute, posted on Weibo a few days ago, “Li Lianjie, Zhang Yimou, Dong Qing, and celebrities have recently pushed and sold houses.” The researcher said, “What’s the situation?” and “What does it mean?” 

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