Recently, a short video posted on Twitter shows a crowd of Chinese medical workers in protective suits holding banners and protesting for better treatment on the street. They are usually called “Dabai” or literally “Big Whites” for their common appearance.

According to the video uploader, these “Big Whites” work at China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Hospital in Beijing.

In the video, a hazmat suit-clad worker is holding a loudspeaker, shouting, “Don’t let the anti-epidemic heroes sweat and cry.”

And then others echo, “Want to work and want to eat.”

Apart from these repeated slogans, they also raise banners with the slogan, “Demand work, Oppose hospital closure.”

After chanting slogans repeatedly in the square in front of the hospital for a while, they begin to march on the streets.

The video attracts a lot of comments from netizens.

A Twitter user, nicknamed Bad Guy, says this is the reward for three times of disinfection, and now they are done.

Another netizen, called Fake, wonders whether the title heroes are a bit boasting.

Another user with a long nickname, Revisionism is capitalism at its worst, comments that these people are picking quarrels and provoking trouble. They must be arrested.

By contrast, the user Spray.Wenzhu said that evilness will have retribution. These harmaz-clad workers are just ordinary people under the CCP. Nobody is immune from what they have done. It’s just a matter of time before the pay-off comes.

Some other videos show the hidden corner of these anti-epidemic workers. A video shows a hazmat-clad worker crying in pain because of his mother’s death. Another is sitting quietly in the corner of the outer side of a building hiding from the heavy rain.

These “Big Whites” workers come from many walks of life. They can be professional medical staff, firefighters, public security, neighborhood committee cadres, volunteers, or even idle people being employed temporarily.

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