Kyodo News reported that The Japanese Defense Ministry’s top military officer, Chief of Staff Yamazaki Koji, said on May 12 that the aircraft carrier Liaoning’s activities in the vicinity of Taiwan and the southwest region are a serious security concern.

Yamazaki said the Liaoning also stayed in the waters south of Okinawa on the 12th, stressing that he thinks the carrier’s activities in the vicinity of Taiwan and the southwest are serious.

He said that China is trying to improve the navigational capability of its aircraft carriers and its ability to operate in the Pacific Ocean.

The Maritime Self-Defense Force confirmed that the fighters and helicopters onboard the Chinese Navy’s aircraft carrier Liaoning departed and landed in the southern waters of Ishigaki Island for ten consecutive days since May 3.

The Maritime Self-Defense Force’s frigate Cool Moon launched surveillance, and the Air Self-Defense Force fighter jets also scrambled to respond.

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