On August 10, a netizen uploaded a video of a Xiaopeng P7 involved in a rear-end collision accident. The Xiaopeng P7 was being driven in assisted driving mode on an elevated road in Ningbo it crashed into a broken-down car ahead, resulting in the death of the driver of the front car.

On August 11, Xiaopeng Motors confirmed the incident. Xiaopeng Motors said, “We feel sadness and regret for the victims who passed away in this accident. We will fully cooperate with relevant departments in the accident investigation, continue to follow up, and assist customers in handling follow-up related matters.”

The owner of Xiaopeng P7 said that he turned on the Lane Centering Assist, and the speed met the high-speed limit of 80 km/h. A vehicle in front was damaged and stationary while its owner was undertaking repairs, but the Xiaopeng P7 assisted driving function did not warn before the collision.

Yuan Qicong, the car reviewer, said the accident was caused by the Xpeng driver turning on assisted driving. He was then distracted, failed to recognize any problem, and crashed into a faulty car parked illegally in the fast lane.

According to Xiaopeng Motors, Lane Centering Assist is a comfortable driving assistance function. After activating, the system can assist the driver in controlling the steering wheel and continuously center the vehicle in the current lane. 

However, the driver has to remain alert, drive safely, and take control of the car, never relying on the system to respond to sudden emergencies.

The traffic police department has filed a case, and Xiaopeng Motors will fully cooperate with relevant departments to investigate the accident.

On March 13, a similar accident happened. Deng drove a Xiaopeng P7 on a local expressway and collided with a rolled-over vehicle in front. The accident did not cause any injuries. The reason is believed to be that the owner did not clean the car, causing the warning functions not to work.

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