During the alleged brutal attack on women incident in Tangshan on June 10, three girls with the victim helped deter the men, even though they were allegedly shoved and brutally beaten.

In the video, the man in the green jacket is the first person to initiate the beating. After being rejected and pushed away by the girl, his first reaction was to slap her. Then other men of the group entered the restaurant and allegedly beat the three girls brutally.

Two people in the group of nine are female. When the incident occurred at the restaurant. As the man beat the girls, the woman with a white blouse and black skirt dragged a red chair in. However, when she realized the girl was unarmed, she put down the chair and didn’t take any further action that could result in injury.

Another woman in a green dress stood by and watched the beating the whole time without any intervention.

The video shows a tall woman in a black dress stepping in to intervene but is threatened by a man in the group. A man in a black jacket also proceeded to calm down the group, but could not do anything. The poor girl allegedly was punched and kicked in the face  repeatedly .

A strange girl wants to rush in to protect the victim. But her boyfriend hugged her back, fearing that she would have the same end.

The case has drawn heated public discussion in China, and it dominated Chinese social media topics on Saturday. Influential celebrities or simple citizens all talked about the case. State television and people call for the suspects to be harshly punished as soon as possible.

The local police announced that all nine people involved in the case had been arrested; five were locals. Netizens also found the identities and backgrounds of the three most alleged brutal women beaters.

They all have criminal records, such as sentence refusal; some have served 2 years in prison for assault.

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