On October 26, a brainwashing children’s song video titled “Remembering ancient poetry, doing PCR test” circulated in mainland China. The lyrics of famous ancient poems had the “nucleic acid test” inserted, forcing the ancients to “take the nucleic acid test.” After many netizens criticized the video, it disappeared from Weibo, WeChat, and other platforms. Weibo has blocked the related topic “#Memorizing ancient poetry, PCR testing” and deleted screenshots of netizens’ comments.

Poets like Li Bai, Lu You, and Su Shi were forced to ‘do PCR tests’

As reported by the “China Digital Times,” the song rhymes with many famous verses from ancient poets with the content of “doing a PCR test,” creating many difficult-to-understand sentences. At least eight poets, such as Li Bai, Lu Yu, Su Shi, Luo Yin, Zhang Ji, Du Mu, Wang Annshi, and Bai Juyi, were “forced to do nucleic acid tests” and borrowed the mouths of the children to sing crazy lyrics.

For example, “Looking far away from the waterfall hanging on the river, Li Bai and I are testing for nucleic acids,” and “Looking to the south where Wang Annshi is for another year, Lu Yu and I are testing nucleic acids,” and “Stopped the car and watched the maple leaf forest in the night, Du Mu and I made nucleic acids,” then “everyone lined up, doing nucleic acids together.”

Does the Chinese regime promote nucleic acid propaganda films?

The “China Digital Times” reported that the children’s song appeared to have been filmed by a state agency for epidemic prevention propaganda.

The end of the video reads, “The Party Committee of Tianjin New Residential Area, Hailu Road, Gulou District, Nanjing City and the Ministry of Culture under the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee in Tianjin new residential area, co-recorded in October 2022.”

According to verification by China Digital Times, Tianjin’s New Residential Area is located in the Gulou District of Nanjing City. In addition to Secretary Lin Ling, the deputy director of the Gulou District Customs Affairs Committee is mentioned in the video’s introduction. Author Xu Zhongsu is a former host of the “Little Star” program of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Radio and chairman of the Ministry of Culture of Jiangsu Province. Strategist Jiang Jianxiang is the Party Secretary of the new residential area in Tianjin.

This children’s song severely failed on many social platforms and received “rebukes from netizens.”

The Epoch Times quoted some netizens mocking the song: “I’m worried about the author’s mental state;” “The joke of the century adds a new twist;” “Without any culture, the ancient poem has been trampled;” “At midnight I’m still upset about memorizing ancient poetry, testing nucleic acids. It’s really poisoning the children.”

“The children reading (it) aloud makes me feel very uncomfortable. But, of course, we can’t blame the children but us adults. How can such a great disaster for the whole of humanity be used in a funny and cavalier way to spread the word?” a netizen said.

Some quotes from NTDTV are even harsher: “Disgusting,” “Vomiting,” and “Crazy gesture.”

Some netizens said that after watching this video, they were so funny that they almost had a cramp.

In the face of netizens’ “reprimanding” situation, the children’s song quietly disappeared from the Internet in China in less than a day. In addition, Weibo management has also blocked related topics such as “#Memorize ancient poetry, do PCR test #.”

However, some Chinese netizens have forwarded related videos to online social platforms and overseas video-sharing platforms.

China Digital Times commented that the children’s song “The field hospital is miraculous” was popular in March 2020. Netizens once rated it as “the scariest song since the pandemic.” This new song is no less “illusory” than the song “The field hospital is miraculous.”

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