The SCMP in Hong Kong released an item on the 25th, noting that small and medium-sized organizations are the mainstay of the Chinese labor market, but these corporations have recently experienced personnel freezes and compensation cutbacks. According to several industry insiders, China’s manufacturing industry has been concerned about the summer workforce deficit, but this year has been the polar opposite.

Currently, a video has been widely circulated on China’s Weibo network, showing a factory owner in Guangdong shouting to dozens of students who had applied for the factory position that this summer’s salary could only be 9 yuan/hour, or ($1.35), highlighting the precarious economic situation facing China’s small and medium-sized enterprises.

The man who manages the electronics factory says in the 20-second video, “I repeat, 9 yuan an hour. If you can’t take the price, pack your things and leave. “

After witnessing the scene, millions of netizens sent messages expressing their outrage, criticizing the low wages, and pitying the workers who can’t even afford a bowl of rice.

According to NetEase, some people figure that even if you work 10 hours a day, even on weekends, for a month, your wages will be just 2,700 yuan or 403 dollars.

According to the publication, many working people believe this is one-sided; how can a 9 yuan an hour salary be possible these days? The truth is even harsher; in the video, many students wait in long lines to participate in recruitment, despite the boss having set such a low salary.

Every July and August, China has summer vacation, and many students choose to work, experience life, or earn tuition and pocket money at this time.

Of course, the corporation does not refuse these student workers; in any case, the wages for this group are low, with no need to pay social security and the ability to be fired at any time. As a result, when business is brisk, many enterprises, particularly during the summer, may hire a large number of students.

According to a NetEase reporter, a man shouted to a group of young people at the recruitment site, “I repeat, 9 yuan per hour, 9 yuan! If you don’t accept the price, pack your belongings and leave; if you do, fill out the form.”

When the man finished speaking, a few young guys departed, but most returned to fill out the forms, stipulating 9 yuan per hour for labor.

Some internet users believe that the relevant unit should intervene to deal with this action, which they think oppresses and exploits the students.

Some commenters even recommended these students return home as soon as possible since anything they do is still better than 9 yuan an hour, and even assisting their parents with farm work at home is better than this.

Many netizens are furious, but some believe that this is the price these students are prepared to pay and that the corporation is not to blame.

Businesses are struggling to cope with the outbreak, and the steep decline in overseas orders presents numerous operational issues. Labor scarcity issues have plagued China’s manufacturing industry for years. Still, according to Hua Laohi, who owns a labor agency in Shaoguan, Guangdong, the opposite is true this year.

“Dozens of factories that I work with across Guangdong province are hardly hiring new workers.” The expert pointed out that China’s manufacturing industry has suffered its most significant difficulty since 2008.

According to recent research published by the Chinese HR website, small enterprises were impacted the most when big cities were in lockdown in April and May of this year.

As more small businesses close or stop employing, the job market becomes increasingly competitive. Meanwhile, according to the HR website, giant corporations plan to cease hiring.

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