Six areas in Suzhou city, a crucial high-tech industry hub, reported new cases of Covid-19. As Suzhou is a significant manufacturing base for the worldwide semiconductor industry, there are concerns that the city’s COVID control policy would halt the global chip supply chain.

Reuters reported that the Omicron variant was detected among the cases without specifying the number infected. The Suzhou Postal Administration said that the recent express delivery in Suzhou might be delayed due to Covid prevention and control.

The city has suspended some long-distance bus services and closed 15 highway exits. In addition, Inter-provincial and inter-city shuttles have been suspended, and residents were notified not to leave their houses until further notice.

Robert Bosch, an automotive supplier, said to Reuters late Monday that local office employees were working from home.

“We expect a short-term impact on our manufacturing and logistics operations in Suzhou,” the company said in a statement on Monday, adding that local office staffers were working from home.

On Monday, the United Microelectronics Corporation of Taiwan (UMC) announced that production at its 8-inch wafer fabrication unit in Suzhou had been temporarily halted due to a suspected COVID infection but that its finances were unaffected.

Schools in ​​Suzhou, kindergartens and other offline training facilities were closed. All public gatherings in the city have been canceled. Places such as movies, chess and card rooms, Internet cafés, KTVs, game halls, bars, and restaurants have been temporarily closed.

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