China’s university entrance examination was held from June 7 to 8, while Shanghai postponed it until July 7 to 9. One month delay of important “gaokao” in Shanghai has sparked debate.

June 6 is the final sprint for all Chinese candidates before sitting for the exam. However, Shanghai seniors are resuming offline physical courses and returning to school for class and review.

The postponement is a torment for the candidates in Shanghai, who are already on the edge of their seats. Now they have to hold on for another month, and they must adjust their preparation plan with the prolonged suffering of waiting.

A user of Zhihu – a Quora-like question-and-answer platform in China – posted a question about this issue. It is “The Shanghai college entrance examination will be postponed for one month. What impact will this have?”

As of writing, the question received over 2,000 followers and nearly 5 million views.

There are 910 answers to this question.

One answer received 237 likes, showing that the 2020 delay was already painful for students to stay at home for the third year of high school. This year, the torture increases and continues for candidates. Those students are miserable because they must study for three years of high school during the epidemic and now suffer a one-month delay.

Another answer attracting 852 likes talks about the weather affecting their exam results. It indicates that the average temperature and frequency of extreme weather events such as heavy rain in June are lower than in July. Therefore, candidates can face trouble if there is no air conditioner in the exam room. Besides, heavy precipitation can also affect traffic, so students should prepare for these issues.

Another answer with 104 likes shows it doesn’t matter with just a one-month extension. The more serious question is who knows whether the one-month postponed exam will be held on time. There are uncertainties for students.

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