On June 16, the China Journal of Discipline Inspection and Supervision released an article entitled “Investigating and Strictly Handling Violations of Political Discipline and Political Rules.” The article depicted three types of individuals to be investigated, but it was later removed from the official website.

The report emphasizes the primary task of the Party members, especially high ranking officials, is to obey the CCP and describes those who disobey as reactionaries.

The article is divided into three parts. The first type of individuals to be investigated is people of a different political mindset.

The report took Qin Guangrong, the former secretary of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, as an example. It criticized him for being a two-faced person and making public remarks that contradicted the requirements of the party. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection also mentioned several other cases.

The second part is to investigate those top CCP members who form gangs or factions with other CCP officials that threaten the unity of the CCP.

The newspaper took the Sun Lijun gang as a typical case. It explained that this type of corruption had affected the economic and political security of the Party and the country. It added a warning that party members are not allowed to form private forces within the party or factional activities of any kind.

Authorities who report or critique the behavior of other officials are the third individuals to be investigated. The article uses Zhang Zhinan, the vice-governor of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee, as an example. According to the report, he was the first member to publicly name the central management cadres who are allegedly responsible for lax epidemic control.

This journal is issued by the National Supervision Commission of the People’s Republic of China, the highest anti-corruption agency. 

The title of the journal, “Investigating and Strictly Handling Violations of Political Discipline and Political Rules,” is quite unusual. As the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party is approaching and political infighting within the CCP gets intense, analysts could suspect that this article’s release and later deletion was not a real mistake.

According to Apollo News, when the CCP, particularly the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection—the highest internal control agency —emphasizes such an issue, it refers to a split within the CCP factions or frequent disobedience towards Xi Jinping.

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