Recently, a video recording of an urban manager in Nantong city, Jiangsu province, violently throwing an older man to the ground while on duty was spread, attracting public attention.

The video shows that, on Sept. 15, in Xiaohai Street, Nantong development area, Jiangsu province, an employee wearing an urban management uniform got out of his car and walked straight towards an old male street vendor. First, he grabbed the older man’s scale. Then, courageously the old man followed behind him to claim it back. During the struggle, the old man fell to the ground.

The urban manager ignored the old man and threw the scale into the car. At this time, the older man was on his knees, attempting to stand. The urban management staff broke the scale and threw part of it away. The older man was trying to sit in the back of the car in protest. The urban manager grabbed him by the scruff of the neck one-handed and threw him across the road, where he landed very hard. He struggled to get up but couldn’t. A resident stepped forward to criticize the urban management staff.

Chinese netizens who watched the incident left comments as follows:

“Isn’t this his parent?”;

“The fine is too light, should be detained and punished for intentionally causing injury!”;

“The injury must be determined and criminally prosecuted. Grandpa looks so pitiful! Why are you treating him like that?”

The outcry was enough to make the Regional Development Department of the Nantong Public Security Bureau Sept. 16, impose administrative detention on the offending urban manager for the conduct mentioned above for 15 days and impose a fine of 1,000 yuan. “

“Know the law, break the law, double the crime.”

“Only being detained for 15 days it’s biased.”;

“To whom should a fine of $155 (1,000 yuan) be given?”;

“Shouldn’t’ you see if he’s okay or no?”;

“Just because he’s poor isn’t it worth to harm him?”;

“This behavior must be severely punished, this behavior is equivalent to murder.”

It is not uncommon for urban management personnel under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime to brutally enforce the law. Here are three more videos:

A CCP female urban manager grabbed an elderly greengrocer’s vegetables and kicked them down the road like playing soccer with fellow officers. The greengrocer is like a little mouse surrounded by cats.

Another Tweet said, “At 8:00 a.m. on Sept. 1, 2020, during law enforcement, a member of the urban management team clashed with people at Lían Fa residential area, Dongcheng street, district Qingcheng, Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, causing a child to fall on the road.

Dongcheng Street immediately arranged for people to come to the scene to handle it. The person in charge of the neighborhood office apologized to the family involved. The injured child was taken to the hospital for a check-up. The relevant urban management team has been suspended from working and handed over to the police agency for investigation.”

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