After U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi began her trip to Asia and foreign expectations about her visit to Taiwan skyrocketed, on Tuesday, August 2, the three main indexes of China’s stock market fell together, but the military sector rose. At the same time, on online social platforms, Chinese netizens at home and abroad joked about this incident.

Ms. Pelosi, on her Asia trip, left Malaysia and arrived at Taipei’s airport in Taiwan on Tuesday evening. Her visit significantly increased tension in the Taiwan Strait and also caused a shock to the Chinese stock market.

Chinese media NetEase reported that, affected by overnight declines in external markets and bad news in China, the market fell at the start of the A-list share trading session. The three major indexes fell more than 3% in the morning, and the decline narrowed in the afternoon. At the close, the Shanghai index was down 2.26% from the previous session. The Shenzhen fell 2.37%, and the ChiNext index fell 2.02%, with more than 4,300 Shanghai and Shenzhen shares falling.

All other major sectors fell in the A-share market except for the agriculture and military sectors, which went against the trend.

Before the overly sensitive movements of the Chinese stock market, Taiwan’s Newtalk media commented: “Threatening people before, and now (they) have to suffer themselves.”

According to NTDTV, the stock market’s performance has attracted the attention of Chinese netizens, almost all of whom believe that the direct reason for the decline of the three main indexes is because Ms. Pelosi visited Taiwan. Moreover, the Chinese regime’s continued threats have spooked Chinese investors. On online social platforms inside and outside China, comments jokingly mocking the Chinese stock market and the Chinese military poured out non-stop.

Twitter user Gu Feng joked: “Reporting to the Central Committee of the Party of President Xi: Our mouth cannon (referring to the Chinese regime’s harsh statements) has been fired. The most heroic feat is to have shot down all A shares, Hong Kong shares and Taiwan shares. Now we are just waiting for the next instruction.”

Another netizen teased: “The people of the securities company downstairs (of the building) said that hitting Taiwan is a good thing, we are willing to donate our wages, but unexpectedly they deducted it directly from the stock price.”

Under a NetEase review of the three major stock indexes dropping more than 2% on the day, one netizen sarcastically commented: “Now the whole world is watching, don’t be afraid, whoever is afraid will lose face—it’s a pity to be afraid.”

At the same time, the song “Will You Come Tonight” by Chinese singer Leon Lai suddenly became famous on Weibo.

Netizens with the nickname “Sono-Jay” commented: ‘Will You Come Tonight’ MV (music video) by Leon Lai emerged, don’t listen to it; the lyrics are too weird. The two sentences ‘Will you come tonight, is your love still there’ sounds too heavy.”

According to NTDTV, netizens’ posts, comments, and ridicule show that the Chinese regime’s propaganda is just empty words. The Chinese military only knows how to fire a “mouth cannon,” making people mock and belittle them.

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