Just one week after summer kicked off, snow suddenly fell in many places in China.

People in Huang’Anba Scenic Spot, Chengkou County, Chongquing Province, experienced snowfall on Saturday morning, May 14.

The “winter mode” was turned on in the scenic area with a sharp drop in temperature. A blanket of snow silver-wrapped the entire region.

On the same day, rain and snow also pour down in Huashan Scenic Area in the southern province of Shanxi. The mountains were dressed in swirling snowflakes. Just the day before, Huashan had been steaming with white clouds.

Snow also fell in different areas in Shaanxi province. The roads were freezing with snow and ice. Authorities warn passing vehicles to pay more attention to safety.

Three days earlier, the temperature dropped quickly in Shijiazhuang, Hebei, creating heavy snowfall. This was the second off-season snow in this area this year.

Netizens showed their surprise with the phenomena. They say that the weather this year is too abnormal. It might be a warning from mother nature.

Some pointed out that something must be wrong when snow falls in May.

Others said that when snow occurs in May, there must be grievances.

Besides summer snow, China has recently seen a lot of weird phenomena, such as blood-red sky, blood-red river and “Yin and Yang” sky, among others. They all are believed to be signs of bad luck and chaos.

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