Despite the closure, Hainan island couldn’t prevent the spread of the COVID virus. According to People’s Daily, Hainan recorded 5,000 COVID cases on August 12.

Beijing authorities sent 10,000 medical staff from 19 provinces and two emergency medical teams to take over Fang Cabin Hospital in Hainan.

Tourists who had just arrived in Fujian Xiamen were told to leave as soon as possible. The others were trapped in Sanya.

According to Sound of Hope media, Xiamen Gulangyu Cultural Tourism Center closed all its scenic spots and exhibition halls on August 9 for epidemic prevention and control exercises.

However, seven cases appeared during the training. As a result, Xiamen launched large-scale nucleic acid testing, and the queue stretched for 5 kilometers. Many residents questioned whether this was epidemic prevention or an epidemic spreading.

The sudden lockdown affected tourism. For example, Xiamen Tongan Film staff talked sadly to a Sound of Hope reporter, “We want to open for business!”

A hotel owner in Xiamen Resort also complained that since the epidemic, there had been no guests for many days.

Besides Hainan, Yiwu, a significant e-commerce wholesale center in Zhejiang, has been hit by the virus epidemic. As a result, the city implemented three-day isolation on August 11. Residents were told to remain home, public places and schools were closed, and agencies and departments worked remotely.

To continue functioning, logistics businesses must adhere to several rules. But, according to some merchants, frequent prevention and control seriously disrupted their workflow. They were unable to order supplies or receive deliveries. The online portal will punish them if they don’t deliver orders on time.

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