The latest data shows that in 2021 there were 7.64 million marriage registrations in China—a record low for 37 years.

The number of first marriages in China has decreased by 51.5% in the past eight years since it peaked in 2013 at 23.85 million annually.

According to The Epoch Times China, on December 2, the news that “the number of first marriages in China fell below 12 million in 2021, the lowest level in 37 years” appeared on hot search topics.

According to the “China Statistical Yearbook 2022,” compiled and published by the Bureau of Statistics, this number is down 708,000 from the previous year.

The provinces with the most first marriages are Guangdong, Henan, Jiangsu, and Sichuan.

Netizens on the mainland have hotly discussed, “Under the epidemic situation, we advocate on-site isolation and on-site holidays. You can’t even go back to your home across provinces. Are you still married?”

Weibo user Smiling rooster commented, “There are so many singles in the countryside. There are dozens in any village. Some families have three sons and no wives.”

Tieniu Technology (TT), a popular financial blogger with almost 1.2 million followers, tweeted, “If there are fewer marriages, the birth rate of children will naturally decrease, and if there are fewer children, the overall population will also decrease. It is a vicious circle.”

TT said: In recent years, because of social distancing, 

“do not hold weddings unless necessary,” 

“don’t return home unless necessary,” 

“don’t gather unless necessary,” etc., 

have restricted social activities to a certain extent, and weddings and funerals have been seriously affected. 

TT added many people couldn’t make money, and naturally, it is difficult to bear all the wedding expenses, so there is no expectation of getting married.

On November 28, the Bureau of Statistics of the Inner Mongolia Region published an article stating that the three-year epidemic has impacted the economy and the everyday lives of residents, including first-time marriages.

Yao Lingyu, chairman of Yuewei Shares with over 1.8 million followers, said the reasons why young people don’t get married are: high work pressure, high house prices, insufficient implementation of labor laws, excessive medical and education expenditures, and women’s rights and interests are not guaranteed.

On January 20, Yang Jinrui, deputy director of the Chinese Population and Family Department, said at a press conference that the “post-90s” and “post-00s,” are the new subjects of marriage and childbearing. However, they face tremendous pressure on employment competition, and the postponement of marriage and childbearing is prominent.

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