According to Hong Kong 01, officials have been silent on a harrowing killing incident in Shanghai, and even related topics have been limited on the internet.

Online Chinese shared that on June 10, a man struck a woman multiple times with a chopping knife in broad daylight in Handang Street, Shanghai’s Jinshan District. 

Short footage from a passerby showed that the victim was covered in blood, helplessly receiving the endless blows from the attacker to her head, neck, and back. She sat on the ground yelling for help, but some commuters only rode away, perhaps out of fear. 

Several people said on the internet that the victim did not survive her injuries. Some said she died at the scene, others said she succumbed to her wounds on the way to the hospital.

There was no immediate report about the event until the morning of June 11, a reporter from the Sancun Community of the Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical Sub-district Office confirmed what has happened. 

The perpetrator was subdued on the spot. An image showing him lying restrained on the ground by a bicycle was also uploaded. The attacking weapon was also captured. 

As for the cause of the brutal attack, there were only speculations. Some said online the pair were husband and wife, others said it was a quarrel over debts.

As being upset about the murder, the Chinese were also frustrated as they discovered the hashtag, Shanghai Jinshan kills people displaying no result on the Weibo platform. The Chinese Twitter version briefly explains that the topic has been restricted according to relevant laws, regulations, and policies.

Other related hashtags such as Community Response to Online Reports of Shanghai Jinshan Chopping People (Shanghai Jinshan Killing Incident Follow-up, Shanghai Jinshan Incident) were also blocked. 

According to Chinese media Da Ji Yuan, it was not the only knife attack incident that occurred on June 10 in Shanghai. That night on Zhejiang West Road, Jing’an District, a man was captured with one of his legs severed. There were also others sitting on the street. A police officer appeared at the scene, and the injured were carried away on stretchers. The outlet said discussion over this topic was also censored on the Chinese internet.

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