State-owned China Post Group Corporation said they were nucleic acid testing overseas mail and parcels to prevent possible transmission of COVID-19 infections. Fifteen provinces and municipalities reported new Covid-19 cases, South China Morning Post reported on March 1.

Tao Mu of China Post in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, told CCTV that mail would be sent within 14 to 20 hours once the test results were negative.

Tao said, “After disinfection and leaving the parcel for 24 hours; we will open the parcel and carry out Covid-19 testing for the inside objects with the consent of the recipient.”

China says Covid-19 can be transmitted through cold chain imports and other inanimate items. After the first case of Omicron infection, Beijing suspected it started with a package from Canada, which is why all international mail is now subject to stringent controls.

However, Health Canada previously replied to the South China Morning Post, saying that “the risk of Covid-19 infection when handling paper mail or cardboard packages, including international mail, is extremely low.”

Last year, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also said people could become infected by contact with contaminated surfaces or objects, but the risk was normally low.

The postal service in Shenzhen’s Luohu neighborhood has stopped doing door-to-door deliveries. Instead, several centralized pickup sites have been established, where recipients must upload personal information via QR code to be tracked in the future.

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