The U.S. chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, at the Senate Appropriations Committee on May 3, said that currently, the U.S. is facing two great powers, China and Russia. Both countries have powerful militaries trying to change the current rules-based order.

Milley believes that the possibility of serious international conflicts between great powers is increasing, not decreasing.

Regarding China’s plan to attack Taiwan by force, he said that Beijing always views Taiwan as a target for its ambitions.

Milley said that the Chinese government may invade Taiwan in 2027. He stressed that America needs to keep that in mind.

Speaking to the Senate Appropriations Committee, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin said that while Russia is dangerous, China remains America’s pacing threat.

He suggested that in keeping with the National Defense Strategy, the U.S. will enhance force posture, infrastructure, presence, and readiness in the Indo-Pacific to cope with China.

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