Since the beginning of the pandemic, due to the high demand for medical equipment, China has mass-produced Covid-19 test swabs.

However, a leaked video on social media shows a close-up manufacturing process of the nasal swab for the COVID-19 test. The video then gained public attention.

At the beginning of the video, many nasal swabs can be seen piling up on the table. None of the workers wear masks or gloves as they put the swab into bags. 

The cameraman captioned the video clip with the words, which means “don’t need to say much.” It implies that viewers can understand the message simply by watching the video.

The second video in the series depicts the manual manufacture of nasal swabs at a different location. 

Most of the workers are in blue protective suits with hoods, masks, and gloves. However, some only wear masks without further protective clothing. Some even use bare hands to hold these swabs.

Several cartons of these swabs are placed on the floor. 

At one point, the man in a white T-shirt pointed at the cameraman when he found that the cameraman was filming the scene.

This leaked video later shocked many people since these swabs would be put into the nose for the COVID-19 test.

The channel is unable to verify the incident that happened in the video.

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