Recently, videos circulated on the Internet show that farmers have been harvesting unripe green wheat as fodder. China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs then called on an inspection that harmed wheat crops in order to ensure food security. However, the incident then sparked heated discussion among online netizens. Many people believe that farmers delay planting because of the epidemic’s impact. As a result, destroying green wheat and selling green wheat is one way to prevent losses.

On May 14, the Bengbu Municipal Government website of Anhui Province issued emergency notices to prevent the destruction of wheat.

The notice also said that this year’s epidemic is severe and a food crisis is inevitable. The government also asked the residents to contact them if they find any green wheat harvesting.

Now, the residents are talking about the government’s warning regarding the food crisis

Notably, wheat is now being harvested ahead of schedule and sold as silage wheat.

A netizen disclosed what he had learned that the drop in feed imports from Europe and the United States has led to a jump in domestic feed costs in China. Therefore, feed manufacturers directly buy immature wheat from rural areas and sell it as feed to the livestock.

In a video posted by a woman on Douyin, she said that silage wheat is sold nearly twice as much as wheat. She also blamed the government for not taking care of the farmers. She added that no one is in charge when the crop is affected by disasters and production is reduced.

Another online user wondered if the food security issue is the responsibility of the government or the responsibility of the farmers.

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