The Chinese communist regime’s “zero-COVID” policy has weakened all industries, nonetheless it has created a unique “nucleic acid industry.” Recently the China Nucleic Acid Industry Forum also praised the “Prosperous Age of Nucleic Acid,” while BGI Group, specializing in genetic research, celebrated nucleic acid testing to a breakthrough of 1 million people in Lhasa, Tibet. This once again inflamed public opinion.

The CCP’s policy of centralized large-scale nucleic acid testing is labor-intensive and expensive, but has yielded huge profits. A promotional poster for “Nuclear Acid Test Industry Summit 2022 (Hangzhou) Forum” was published online a few days ago. The poster says the theme of the forum is “Nucleic Acid Prosperity Conference Night. Watch the Future of the Industry Together,”, scheduled for November 3-4.

The poster also states that the forum is organized by two pharmaceutical companies in Zhejiang province and the steering units include the Hangzhou Pharmaceutical Port.

After the poster was put online, the statement about the “prosperous age of nucleic acid” attracted a lot of criticism from netizens.

RFI said that the CCP’s official media “Xinjing Newspaper” published a commentary titled “The Prosperity of Nucleic Acids” mentioning that the company’s pursuit of development and profits is understandable, but in this case, promoting the so-called prosperous age of nucleic acids clearly “doesn’t consider public emotions, toys with and even hurts feelings of the public.” 

The article also mentioned that, through the investigation on the morning of September 17, the topic of this forum has been changed to “An Evening Gathering Of Talents In The Nucleic Acid Industry. Watch the future of industry together.”

Currently, on the official website of Xinjing Newspaper, this comment has been deleted, and the articles of other media also show the error “404,” which means the articles cannot be found.

According to NTD, almost all industries under the CCP’s rule are in decline, and only a few industries related to the “zero-COVID” policy have spiked in profits and continued to expand. The CCP’s determination to uphold this policy is not only related to internal political struggles, but also to the interests of the Chinese elite behind the industries. Many Chinese netizens don’t dare criticize the CCP, but they are lashing out at the nucleic acid industry and other related industries.

Not only did the so-called Nucleic Acid Prosperity “hurt the public’s feelings,” there were also pictures of cakes going viral on the internet that said, “Celebrating the record high more than 1 million nucleic acid tests” of the BGI Corporation’s Lhasa-based Fire Eye Laboratory. Netizens angrily asked BGI, “Is the cake made from human blood delicious?”

BGI’s self-promotion shows that the Lhasa-based Fire Eye Laboratory was established specifically to test for COVID-19 nucleic acids.

Since the pandemic in Lhasa broke out, the city has been locked down for more than 40 days, causing people to struggle. Online video shows that Lhasa has a large number of buses transporting people to the suburbs every night for quarantine. It is said that 100,000, people have been quarantined and some residential areas are completely empty. According to Aboluowang, the long lockdowns and harsh quarantine conditions created many secondary disasters, including elderly Tibetans who had come to Lhasa for medical treatment tragically die in a rental home.

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