The Chinese regime’s mouthpiece recently revealed astonishing data: some organizations predicted that “there will be 400 million people in the country who will have to do “linggong” or odd jobs in a few years.

On July 14, Guang Ming Daily published a commentary article in its second edition titled: “Improve the odd jobs market, so that more people have better jobs.” Aboluowang reported, “It seems that Chinese officials believe that odd jobs, for the Chinese people, are already ‘good jobs.'”

Guang Ming Daily said officials in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, and five other departments jointly issued the “Opinion on strengthening the odd jobs market and improving the job search and recruitment service.”

The document reads, “It is possible that many people’s perception of odd jobs is still limited to the notion of ‘per day job’ (unstable), but in fact, according to some official statistics, more than 200 million people are working flexibly in our country.'” Some agencies predict that the number of people doing odd jobs in our country will reach 400 million people in the next few years. Clearly, the odd jobs economy is not an insignificant addition to the job market. On the contrary, it is very likely to become a large-scale emerging industry related to the basic needs of many people’s lives.”

The website zhihu published the survey results of daily workers across the country. It also showed that in China, more than 200 million people are working per-diem jobs.

The above paragraph of the article means that within a few years, countless businesses will face bankruptcy and close down, and then nearly 200 million people will lose their current jobs and have to make a living from odd jobs, in the words of the Guang Ming Daily, it is “related to the essential needs of many people’s lives.”

Aboluowang reported that, around the world, probably only the Chinese regime called odd jobs an “emerging industry.” Seemingly not ashamed to admit that “it is related to the essential needs of many people’s lives.”

The article said that the purpose of issuing the above directives is to improve the so-called “job search and recruitment services.” Still, it will strengthen the control and supervision of hundreds of millions of odd jobs workers.

The Guang Ming Daily wrote, “Government agencies need to issue relevant policies to strengthen the guidance and supervision of the per-diem jobs market.”

The article also emphasized that the improvement of the per-diem jobs market is “not a temporary plan”, it is necessary to “overcome short-sighted thinking to plan and act over a longer period and in the greater context of the times.”

Does this imply that the Chinese regime plans to bankrupt more private businesses? Aboluowang posed the question.

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