In a news statement on Saturday, March 19, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) – Taiwan’s ruling party – said Biden’s remarks during Biden-Xi’s talk on the day before highlighted the common ground between Taiwan and the US concerning cross-strait peace and stability.

According to the Taiwan-based Liberty Times, the DPP pointed out a big gap between the official interpretation of the part of the talk about Taiwan between China and the US. It claimed that Beijing often deliberately distorts the content of the exchange between the US and China, even disclosing the talk’s content in the official media before it ends.

The DPP said such an act does not help ease the relationship between the U.S.-China-Taiwan and makes the people of Taiwan resentful.

The statement added, “We urge China to stop the hostile actions and provocations in the Taiwan Strait, as well as to end the ‘united front’ tactics against Taiwan.”

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