A Chinese social media user revealed on May 22 that depositors could not withdraw money from several banks in Henan for 35 days.

They don’t know how to appeal to the banks. As a result, people gather to ask for the protection of their legal rights.

A crowd of depositors gathers, holding cards with the words: Henan Bank pays my deposit back. They are also singing the song- March of the Volunteers in unison.

A man reads a slogan, and others chant. They are asking the government to restore the freedom of withdrawals for depositors.

There are some other cards presenting the situation that Four banks in Henan – ban depositors from withdrawing savings or giving their money back.

Some even sit down and cry out.

Some others show their helplessness and despair by kneeling while still holding up a sign, demanding their rights of withdrawal.

During this period, depositors are calm and rational. They still obey the law. However, the Zhengzhou police have repeatedly obstructed depositors’ legal rights protection.

Police even use chili water to spray unarmed citizens so that people cannot open their eyes and be forcibly put on handcuffs.

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