The media has reported that the Chinese regime intends to expand the airport runway on Taiping Island to accommodate warplanes.

At a regular press conference today, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Ou Jiang’an stressed that we solemnly condemn and refute the Chinese side’s false claims.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs solemnly condemns and refutes the Chinese side’s false claim that the Taiwan Strait’s two sides belong to China. China has disregarded international law and the law of the sea.

She also solemnly reiterates that Taiwan, the Republic of China, is a sovereign state and enjoys all rights in international law and the law of the sea concerning the South China Sea islands and their related waters, including Taiping Island.

Ou Jiang’an also mentioned that President Tsai Ing-wen put forward four principles and five practices regarding the South China Sea on July 19, 2016, looking forward to a peaceful dialogue with the international community to address the South China Sea issue jointly.

We reaffirm the peaceful resolution of the East China Sea dispute under international law and the law of the sea, including the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

China advocates shelving disputes and joint development to deal with conflicts in the South China Sea.

She adds that Taiwan is willing to work with relevant countries to promote peace and stability in the South China Sea based on equal consultation and jointly protect and develop the resources in the South China Sea.

Ou Jiang’an stressed that Taiwan has always paid attention to defending the South China Sea islands belonging to its country’s territory and its sovereign position.

In addition, Taiwan firmly opposes any attempt by any relevant government to resolve the South China Sea disputes by threats, intimidation, or force.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urges the relevant countries to include Taiwan in the multilateral dispute resolution mechanism to negotiate and deal with the South China Sea issues according to international law and norms to jointly maintain regional peace and stability.

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