According to Reuters, at a regular press conference on March 16, Zhu Fenglian, a spokeswoman for China’s Taiwan Affairs Office, criticized Taiwan’s humanitarian aid for Ukraine and sanctions on Russia as “taking advantage of other’s difficulties” after the island announced more funds had been donated for refugees.

She said that the Democratic Progressive Party, Taiwan’s ruling party, is “using the Ukraine issue to validate their existence and piggyback on a hot issue.”

Reuters also reported that Taiwan had previously announced that it has joined international sanctions on Russia and would comply with all the export control regulations, especially considering that Taiwan is the world’s largest contract chipmaker TMSC.

The Taiwanese government affirms that it is responsible for supporting other democracies on Ukraine’s issue. It has already shipped 27 tons of medical supplies to Ukraine for humanitarian aid.

China’s Zhu Fenglian stated that Taiwan and Ukraine were not in the same situation. She said that the most fundamental difference is that Taiwan is an inalienable part of China’s territory. The Taiwan issue is entirely China’s internal affairs, so no outside interference is allowed.

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