Continuous heavy rains have led to floods in China, causing casualties and damage to property in many places.

The Emergency Office of the China Meteorological Administration warned that from June 3rd to 6th, many places in China experienced heavy rain, such as Guizhou, Jiangnan, and South China. Some areas experienced strong convective weather such as thunderstorms and strong winds.

The China Ministry of Water Resources reported from June 2nd to 3rd that rainfall affected many rivers in the South, such as the Yuanjiang River and the lower reaches in Hunan, the middle reaches of the Xinjiang River in Jiangxi, the upper reaches of the Qiantang River in Zhejiang, Guizhou Zhaoying River, Chongqing Longtan River, Fujian Niu Xi, and another 23 rivers. The water level is over the alarm flood reading and is maximum over the alarm range of 0.03 ~ 3.72 meters.

From 11:30 am on June 3rd, Xiangxi autonomous prefecture in Hunan province upgraded the emergency response to flood control from the third level to the second level.

Earlier, Xiangxi was hit by heavy rainstorms on June 2nd and caused flooding in many parts of Phoenix Ancient Town, a famous scenic spot in China.

Yiwangxi Town in Hunan Province suddenly fell victim to heavy rain on June 2nd. A landslide occurred in Yiwangxi, causing a house to collapse, and three people were missing.

According to NetEase, heavy rain fell in five districts and counties of Chongqing, flooding supermarkets and causing losses of tens of thousands of RMB.

The floods in Qubei County, Yunnan Province at the end of last month caused more than 25,000 households and 120,000 people to be affected. As of 5:00 pm on May 27th, five people were dead, and three were missing. 

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