On the eve of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, scheduled to take place in October, information on many arrests, trials, and punishments of corrupt officials has been exposed. This shows that China’s fight against corruption continues to be pushed up and has no limits.

According to Chinese media, six more senior officials were punished in six provinces and cities, including Shanghai, Hube , Heilongjiang , Liaoning , Jiangsu , and Tibet, on September 29.

Among them, four officials were expelled from the party and public office. They are Zhang Bencai , former Chief Prosecutor of the Shanghai Municipal Procuratorate; Cao Guangjing , former Deputy Governor of the Hubei Provincial Government; Song Xibin , former deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Congress; and Wang Dawei , former deputy governor and Director of the Public Security Department of the Liaoning Provincial Government.

Additionally, Zhang Yongze , the former vice Chairman of the Tibet Autonomous Region, and Zhang Jinghua , the former deputy secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, were prosecuted.

These officials have held many important positions in the state apparatus; therefore, they took advantage of their incumbent positions to illegally receive huge bribes. Besides, these people were charged with making friends with political scammers, engaging in political speculation, engaging in superstitious activities, and resisted organizational censorship, and so on.

Before that, Xi Jinping’s government had also handled serious corruption cases such as the “Sun Lijun political gang” of 7 members. In addition, a veteran character like Shen Deyong , former Executive Vice President of the Supreme Court of the Communist Party of China, was also prosecuted on Sept.28 because of accepting bribes.

Commentators said that the campaign’s results to clean up the political and legal system of leader Xi Jinping sent a clear and deterrent signal to the opposite side ahead of the important Party Congress.

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