China has canceled Social Media accounts of popular nationalist TV pundit Sima Nan while facing fierce public backlash for buying a house in California. 

There would not be such a controversy if the 66-year-old weren’t well-known for his anti-U.S. language. But instead, Sima chastised American-based Chinese patriots by saying, “anti-America is work, and living in the U.S. is life.”

But on August 12th, words came out that Sima’s son and wife were listed as owners of a house in Silicon Valley. Sima later admitted that he bought a California house for $257,000 in 2010, which has a swimming pool and is now estimated to be valued at $590,000. 

Central News Agency reports that Sima said no one from his family had ever resided there, nor do they have American citizenship. He further explained that the property was being managed.

As quoted by Radio Free Asia, the Chinese commentator apologizes, “It is with a very heavy heart that I must admit this to everyone. I have committed a serious and unforgivable crime and let down my online followers.”

He said back in 2010; that he did not have as much distaste for the U.S. as relations with China back then were still good. 

Sima did not address an image that suggests his son is a first graduate of the Piano Technology program at the Oberlin College and Conservatory, a U.S.-based university. 

Sima’s online accounts remained active until the afternoon of August 20th. After that, his Weibo, Douyin, and Toutiao profiles were disabled. In addition, Toutiao left a note saying the account was suspended for violating relevant laws and regulations.

By 10 p.m. the same day, Sima’s Douyin and Toutiao accounts were reinstated.

As per Radio Free Asia, Sima later claimed he had been getting death threats after the expose but insisted he would never commit suicide. He said it could only be a homicide if he were found hanged.

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