On Thursday, March 3, a Grand committee of the House of Lords held a debate on support for democracy in Taiwan. On Saturday, the Chinese embassy spokesperson Zheng Zeguang (郑泽光) in the United Kingdom opposed the move.

The politicians showed their support and measures if necessary over the Taiwan issue. Baroness D’Souza compared Taiwan to the “Ukraine of the Far East” said, “Due to events in Ukraine, we may find soon that words of encouragement and support are simply not enough. If we are serious about deterring such actions, we need to make strong, definite commitments to those countries that face authoritarian expansion in the immediate future.”

Lord Dholakia said, “the United Kingdom has a stable and sound relationship with Taiwan. It is in our interest to ensure the preservation of peace and stability across the strait and that China ends its coercion against Taiwan.”

However, Zheng stated, “Making such a comparison between the Taiwan Question and the Ukraine issue … undermine China’s unity. China firmly opposes and strongly condemns these moves.”

He asks the UK politicians to stop ‘playing with fire’ related to Taiwan and stop interfering in China’s internal affairs. The warning continues by the following statement, “We also urge the UK Government to abide by the one-China principle, avoid sending any wrong signal to the secessionist forces clamoring for ‘Taiwan independence,’ and handle Taiwan-related issues in a discreet and appropriate manner.”

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