China continues to be the focus of attention for most countries in the world, given its significance and its 1.4 billion inhabitants. 

For this reason, the results of the 20th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) are still analyzed in depth, in search of possible future signals.

In this sense, the well-known Chinese analyst, Jennifer Zeng, shares her conclusions after carefully reading Xi Jinping’s speech. 

Zeng’s outlook is by no means optimistic but suggests much suffering for the great Eastern nation. The future would appear bleak with an epilogue that might seem surprising to some.

Zeng wrote three weeks ago, “For me, the CCP’s 20th National Congress is another turning point for both the CCP and China.”

She adds, “From now on, there is nothing that can stop Xi Jinping from leading the CCP to destruction.”

However, this form of destruction would not be similar to that experienced by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), which dissolved in 1991 at the behest of the Russian leader, Mikhail Gorbachev.

For Zeng, the results of the 20th Congress could lead to the Chinese regime continuing to lead the country in an “iron fist” style, given its sense of insecurity.

It would also tend to significantly reduce the private sector of the economy, which would be predominantly planned. In this context, it would open up the possibility of implementing a new land reform similar to the one imposed in the earlier times of the Communist regime.

Zeng recalls that, at that time, “the property of all landowners in the countryside and almost every private business owner in the city were robbed.” This is a theft that could occur again now. 

In the international context, Beijing would further isolate China from the world. Consequently, through the use of the Great Firewall or strict internet censorship, people will only receive messages from the CCP.   

China’s possible future over the next decade

In a video widely spread through Chinese social media, Zeng forecasted the country’s fate over the next decade. The post highlights 12 possible gloomy outcomes, some of which are already taking place.

Sorting those predictions into related themes, we find that a “Fierce or explicit cold war with the United States and the West will break out.”

As a result, the Chinese regime will have no allies, and its foreign trade will be reduced to offering low-end goods and agricultural commodities to the outside world.

Simultaneously, she projects: “Foreign capital will gradually withdraw over the next five years.”

CCP control will intensify in the social sphere, turning the country into a police state.

As expected, demoralization of the people will become widespread, and they will lose vitality and hope. In addition: “All aspects that reflect individual freedom will shrink dramatically.”

The income of the population will decrease, as will social benefits. At the same time, population growth will be affected.

However: “The privileged class [linked to the CCP] will have all the opportunities,” and its members will have opportunities for employment and wealth. However, they will be subject to high special taxes.

The post also argues, “Young people will have no entertainment, no hope for life, and they will not have children. Fewer people will marry, and there will be a significant reduction in newborn babies.”

Meanwhile, the inhabitants will be indoctrinated tirelessly through movies, television, literature, and art. The basic message will be the party’s praise, “Love the CCP and hate the CCP’s enemies.”

On the other hand, the Chinese regime will accelerate the arms race so that they will preponderate the politics of the military and members of the armed forces.

Finally, the viral message quoted by Zeng states: “In the future we will face more than a decade of great depression and decay.”

And as for the intended annexation of Taiwan, she contemplates, “There will be no external unification war due to extreme internal decay,” adding, “If a war is launched, it will be the final blow to the CCP. The regime will disintegrate.”

In a similar tone, Zeng added, “Who is in charge is no longer an issue as the entire party is dead and decaying.”

Where hope lies

Protests and rebukes are inevitable due to the illogical policies the CCP applies to Chinese citizens. One of its denouncers is the renowned novelist Yu Wa. 

Yu Wa is a famous Chinese writer, born in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, in 1960, whose works are widely translated and studied.

His novels are often set during the historical period of the tragic Cultural Revolution, driven by the then leader, Mao Zedong. 

According to a tweet from Chinese regime dissident @zhaohuaxishi_1: “Writer Yu Hua said, ‘Everything is created by the system. Today’s China is like a powder keg.'” 

He added: “Therefore, China needs to use fire! Use fire! Use fire! Use fire! Use electricity! Use electricity! Use electricity! Use electricity! [It’s] The best way to fight tyranny legally and safely!”.

In turn, the user, @543dom_, adds to his November 13 message a video in which Yu Wa, expresses his message in Chinese even more thoroughly. 

In this context, the exaggerated control against the pandemic would be evidence of the excesses of the CCP against the population. 

The human rights lawyer who has been quarantined for the pandemic, Cheng Hai, states, “Statistics shows that the Omicron is about 1/10,000 to 3/10,000, and there is actually no epidemic. This epidemic is a false epidemic,” as quoted by RFA on November 10. He adds that this is illegal and criminal behavior.

Moreover, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the State Administration of Disease Control and Prevention of the Chinese regime made an announcement that raised the international and domestic alarm. 

According to an official media outlet, by 2025, every Chinese resident will have “a dynamically managed electronic health record and a fully functional electronic health code.”  

This measure could lead to total digital control of the Chinese population. 

In this regard, Internet users wrote: “In 2025, every prisoner will have a fully functional electronic shackle”, “Don’t remove the electronic shackles in this life,” and “Remember to engrave the code on my tombstone,” among other bitter comments. 

In the face of suffering, and contrary to the provisions of the CCP, the population protests with increasing violence. 

Thus, in a video provided by the Twitter user @Anonymous_Wxyq, it can be seen when the crowd overturns a police vehicle amid expressions of satisfaction. 

The message, translated from Chinese, reads, “The tyranny of the epidemic finally made the people can’t take it anymore, and they woke up together to overturn the police car. The video exploded with the enthusiastic cheers of the people!”

Similarly, the same netizen contributed another video with the following message, “In Nanxin Street, Haizhu District, people spontaneously organized to resist the tyranny of epidemic prevention!”

He added: “People are cheering and shouting! Freedom and democracy, this is the truest voice of the Chinese people, no one dares to step forward to stop the powerful and the henchmen and lackeys! Social change is still in the south, Guangzhou!”.

Protests are also flowing from abroad. DW reported on November 13: “For the first time in Berlin, Chinese youths raised their arms to the sound of the international anthem to call for freedom, democracy and civil awakening.”

It continued: “openly denouncing the current Chinese government and its president, Xi Jinping, who has just been re-elected at the 20th National Congress. One demonstrator wrote after the rally: ‘When I see the world clock in the future I will remember today and think that I am not alone'”.

Indeed, many analysts take a dim view of the results emerging from the 20th CCP Congress. The difficulties for Chinese citizens are increasing, and the pressure is scaling. 

Thus, it would not be surprising if the people’s patience overflowed and the Chinese regime lost the tight control it had maintained. 

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