Shanghai allowed at least one parent to stay with the Covid-19 infected children on Wednesday, April 5. In addition, residents’ movements will remain restricted until testing results are evaluated.

According to Reuters, the most populous city issued the lockdown extension after ten days of sealing the urban area in parts, confining nearly 26 million residents at home. At the same time, the authorities also confirmed another round of citywide tests, a mix of antigen and nucleic acid testing.

In the case of children’s isolation, now the policy has changed, and one parent is allowed to accompany them. However, parents must sign a commitment letter confirming their risk awareness and compliance with specific rules. Accordingly, the parents are forced to wear masks, dine at a different time with their children, avoid sharing items with them and strictly follow all regulations.

The Associated Press reported that Shanghai had shown no sign of disposing of its strict “zero-tolerance” strategy, including lockdowns, mass testing, and compulsory isolation mandates, regardless of the growing public frustration and economic concerns.

Mi Feng, a spokesperson for the China National Health Commission, told Reuters that China would keep sticking to the policy without hesitation.

Shanghai has established 62 temporary quarantine sites at hotels, stadiums, and exhibition centers. Including converting the 150,000-square-meter National Convention and Exhibition Center into a 40,000-person capacity facility.

According to SCMP, Shanghai’s daily Covid-19 infections set a record for the sixth straight day on Thursday, April 7, reaching 19,982 cases in the massive citywide testing. The Shanghai civilians worried about food supplies as supermarkets remained shut and restricted deliveries.

Gordon Zhu, a software developer, said, “Many people are starving amid the shutdown and they are desperate for meat, vegetables, and rice.”

Earlier, Shanghai’s citizens complained of shortages of medical workers, volunteers, and beds in the isolation wards. However, 38,000 health workers from 15 provinces have been dispatched to Shanghai for support in the last week.

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