In China, the covid-19 epidemic and measures have become more complicated in many places. Chinese authorities have imposed harsh anti-pandemic policies. Universities in China have closed their campuses for weeks. Many students from Universities have protested the policies since April.

Protests break out in Guangzhou

A Youtube video on April 30 shows students at Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education expressing their frustration.

The school has closed in the form of closed-loop management. However, the tenants and faculty members go in and out as usual.

Only students cannot get permission to leave, no matter the reason. Their request would not be approved, even during the Qingming Festival, also sometimes called Chinese Memorial Day and Ancestors’ Day.

The school management does not respond to students’ questions, and they only said that the purpose of the closure is for epidemic control, and to avoid close contact.

Moreover, the store’s closure forces students to eat only at the school canteen. Students complained about the price of food there.

Many wonders why school leaders still impose draconian restrictions as there have been no new cases in Guangzhou since April 23.

Students sing together to express their frustration, “The sky is high, and the sea is wide.” This is a very famous legendary song by the band Beyond in Hong Kong. The song harbors positive energy, the hope for unlimited freedom, and perseverance to work towards your dreams.

They sing in unison, crying for freedom, which is a right they hardly know at the moment.

Students in Beijing stood up for justice

Students living in Peking University, Wanliu Park, gathered at midnight on May 15 to protest the school’s fence-up of a wall to constrain the pandemic.

Radio France International reported that the university took advantage of the night’s darkness to construct the wall. They built the wall as a pandemic-control measure on the evening of May 15.

The wall was built without soliciting students’ opinions or issuing an advance announcement, which outraged the students. It divided the Wanliu dormitory into two parts, one for students and the other for the faculty members.

While faculty staff can freely go around their areas, the student’s area is sealed off. Students cannot go to eat in the student dormitory’s cafeteria or even order the take-away and are detained in the restricted area.

Sound Of Hope reported that Chen Baojian, the Party Committee’s deputy secretary and Peking University’s vice president, showed up at that time. He asked the students to disperse and return to the dormitory.

He promised to solve the problem, but the students responded to Chen’s remarks with boos. Then they shouted to “tear down the wall” together, followed by the banging sound.

According to RFI, the vice-president finally joined the students to dismantle the wall.

Protests also break out in Tianjin

A video showed that hundreds of students from Tianjin University gathered in Beiyang Square on May 25. Some chanted: “Down with formalism, down with bureaucracy!”

The surrounding students also joined in.

According to China Daily, Tianjin University has been closed since January 8. At the time, the school was the only university in the city that had not yet had a winter vacation, and more than 27,000 students on two campuses were preparing for final exams.

A graduate student of Tianjin University said he and other students could not get enough rest due to the nucleic acid tests in the early morning or middle of the night.

They require the school to clarify the method and time of exams and clarify the holiday schedule. Also, officials are not allowed to interview students.

According to the posters at Tianjin University, the students will continue to protest on the evening of May 28.

The students from China University of Political Science and Law, Beijing Normal University, and Nankai University have also held protests.

On May 23, Students from the China University of Political Science and Law protested, demanding the university’s permission to return home for online classes.

Protest organizers encouraged participating students to play the song “Do You Hear the People Sing?” on their mobile phones during the protest.

The university then released a notice that approved students’ applications to leave the school.

Students from Beijing Normal University raised similar demands

On the evening of May 24, hundreds of students of Bejing Normal University gathered at the school stadium.

They subsequently marched around the campus, asking the school to clarify students’ final exams and vacation time. They also wanted to return home for online classes.

The school administrators then promised to allow students to apply to leave the school. Some students recorded a video at the time as proof.

The students of Nankai University have held protests on campus. Some students against continued closures are spraying graffiti messages on walls or posting flyers about the campus.

According to the images posted on the internet, some students hung large slogans satirizing the school’s “self-isolation from society.” On May 4, students were still posting flyers on campus to protest the continued closure.

The students also said on Zhihu that only students were locked in, and staff and their families could enter and leave at will.

Young people can’t bear China’s harsh anti-pandemic policies anymore. They have stood up to express their voice.

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