To show that Americans live in misery and the Chinese live happily, the CCP’s CCTV recently reported on the story of a family in Indiana, USA, who borrowed money from loan sharks to buy gasoline to take their child to the hospital. However, some netizens have used the simplest math to expose the lies of the CCTV program “American Story.” Currently, CCTV has deleted the related reports.

Guizhou Daily quoted information from CCTV about Ginger Vincent, a 15-year-old girl from Indiana diagnosed with bone cancer more than a year ago. Ginger’s parents had to drive more than an hour to get her to a hospital in suburban Indiana for surgery.

CCTV said that in the past year, the U.S. price of gasoline has skyrocketed from about $3/gallon to over $5/gallon. As a result, the Vincent family spends an extra $200 to refuel their car every week. Desperate to help their daughter, their only way to buy the extra gasoline is to take out a usury loan. 

In addition, to show the rising cost of housing and food prices in the U.S., CCTV also reported an American named Gloria Knight who complained: “I went to the market the other day to buy groceries, and I cried because the prices were too high. I cannot buy the things I want to buy.”

Various official media reposted the CCTV report, but netizens found that the report was inaccurate. So, for now, CCTV has deleted its original account.

Netizens with the name “Guanxin de tai duo” (关心的太多) gave CCTV a calculation: First, the gasoline price increased from $3 to $5 per gallon, which is $2. They pay an extra $200 a week for gas, adding at least 100 gallons per week. One gallon is equivalent to 3.785 liters of gasoline, which means they have an extra 378.5 liters of gasoline a week. Calculated with a consumption of 10 liters/100 km, they can drive 3,785 km extra per week.

Epoch Times quoted netizens’ question to CCTV, saying, “Please ask him whether he went to see a doctor or ran a taxi, even if it’s a taxi, it doesn’t cost that much. This is CCTV news.”

Another netizen questioned CCTV’s report, “This impoverished family actually owns a car, and takes a usury loan to buy gas, not to pay high medical bills. CCTV knew it couldn’t fool people by reporting that Americans couldn’t afford medical bills anymore, so it began making up stories about gasoline to promote Chinese people’s sense of well-being.”

Someone sarcastically said: “A gallon of gasoline is nearly $5, equivalent to 8.9 yuan/liter. Fortunately, the highway toll is not required; otherwise, this is worse. CCTV seems to care about more about Americans than the Chinese.”

Another said: “The cancer girl’s family took out a usury loan to buy gas. What’s the interest rate? Are there any loan sharks in the U.S. with an annual interest rate of more than 30% or 50% for trickle loans, such as Shanghai Paipaidai Finance (上海拍拍贷) and Merchants Union Consumer Finance (招联金融), etc? Will they harass their relatives and friends, illegally obtain their personal information, locate and track, threaten their personal safety, rob their family assets, and commit all kinds of crimes?”

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