As the Epoch Times reported on Dec. 31, 2021, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) said that many cadres refused to be promoted. The CCP criticized them for not following the party’s orders and management.

The Study Times of the Central Party School published an article on Dec. 24, stating that refusing a promotion is outside the political norms.

According to the article, some officials refuse to be promoted so as not to lose their way to earn money or because they fear their corrupt practices will be exposed after leaving their current position. 

Yan Jin, deputy head of the student department at Henan Anyang Vocational and Technical College comes as an example. He refused promotion for fear of revealing a 632,000 yuan state debt, as the Epoch Times reported.

Another example is two female officials, Zhong Shangmin and Wan Xinqin, in Suijiang County, Yunnan Province. They do not want to be promoted because they feel that their new jobs will not be as easy as their current job.

The newspaper also reported that some officials did not want to be promoted amid a heated anti-corruption campaign under the accountability to the Communist Party. They want to maintain the status of “officials during peacetime”, doing nothing to avoid making mistakes.

Economic and political scholar Cheng Xiaonong once discussed on Voice of America, saying that officials were extremely disgruntled with anti-corruption campaigns. They think it is slandering and negatively destructive.

According to Cheng, current CCP officials have three states of mind: The first group thinks the leadership is not doing well. They don’t care what is going on and consider it as a joke.

The second group sits still, does not act so that no one can see their faults.

The third group works blindly, whether it benefits the country and the economy or not, it doesn’t matter.

Cheng believes that the CCP’s organizational apparatus has been broken. The CCP is no longer able to lead cadres.

Inactive local officials will only further weaken the economy and pose political risks.

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