On November 25, a court in Beijing sentenced entertainment star Wu Yifan to 13 years in prison for rape. In addition, Wu was also fined a total of nearly $84 million (600 million yuan) for tax evasion.

Commentator Wang Duran shared his comments with Apollo News about this incident.

Wang said that the CCP had achieved four goals when punishing the star, who was once the idol of many young people in China.

First, Wu was brought to trial as a series of events attracting public attention and discontent. Such as the riot at the Foxconn factory, the fire in Xinjiang, and the world’s people gathering in the stadium to watch the World Cup without having to wear a mask. This combination of events made the Chinese people angry at the thought of the CCP’s harsh “zero-COVID” policy.

Thus, Wu’s case helped CCP authorities to distract public opinion from hot spots, which could raise questions about its policies, responsibilities, and management capacity.

Second, Wu Yifan has Canadian citizenship. Wu’s punishment helped the CCP retaliate against Canada for the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of Huawei’s founder. In addition, punishing Wu is the CCP’s retaliation after being accused by Toronto of using tricks to interfere in Canadian politics.

Thirdly, the CCP is running a heavy budget deficit, local CCP authorities are bankrupt, civil servants are not getting paid salaries, and there’s a lack of financial resources to maintain operations. Fines are a channel to help CCP solve the problem.

Fan Bingbing was fined nearly $130 million (880 million yuan), Zheng Shuang was fined almost $42 million, Deng Lun was fined almost $16 million, and Wu Yifan was fined $84 million. Also, many other artists were fined—supplying the CCP with a boon to its finances.

Fourth, the CCP punishes entertainment stars like Wu Yifan to spread the message that no field is allowed to go beyond the scope of the CCP. All must wear the “uniform” of the CCP, no matter who it is or how famous and influential they are.

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