Several residents in Shanghai have been looking for different ways to flee the city and return to their hometowns after a nearly two-month lockdown.

Alone Wenfei, a Zhejiang netizen living in Shanghai, shared on his Weibo account that he has ridden a bicycle for 46 kilometers (about 29 miles) to reach Shanghai Hongqiao Station.

The Zhejiang netizen decided to ride himself because other vehicles remain unavailable. He shared that many people were in a similar situation to him, spending the night under the bridge.
When asked why he did not stay in a hotel, he said that even the lawn almost had no place for him to lie down.

Alone Wenfei’s post has received 11,000 shares, 70,000 likes, and over 3,000 comments. Netizens mainly showed their agreement and sympathy with the post owner.

By contrast, AppleDaily News reported that one single user named Tricolor Cat In The Alley has an opposite view. He left his comment below Alone Wenfei’s post. He asked the post owner to trust the country, and no need to worry about it.

In response to Tricolor Cat In The Alley’s comment, Alone Wenfei wrote another post shortly after. The post reads: Only those who have really experienced Shanghai are more qualified to comment on the current Shanghai.

His post came along with images of difficulties he and many people like him have undergone during the journey of escaping the city.

Alone Wenfei’s post once again attracted public attention with several likes and supporting comments.

Notably, the next few days, Tricolor Cat In The Alley himself wrote a post criticizing the Beijing government. He wrote that the city has been closed for a month, asking if his building will be closed. He added that even eating malls have closed, wondering how people will survive in such conditions.

Many other netizens have ridiculed Tricolor Cat by repeating his own words. They asked him to believe in the country and don’t need to worry about it.

Shanghai’s long-term lockdown has sent the lives of more than 25 million people into chaos. Those living in other provinces are even more struggling to live under poor living conditions in a shortage of food, necessities, and medical treatments

According to a BBC report, many food-delivery riders in Shanghai have been forced to become homeless. It’s because the city’s severe lockdown doesn’t allow them to enter their homes. Around 20,000 delivery riders now faces a lack of shelter and safety. They have recently been kicked out of the streets to protect the ‘so-called’ city image.

Sharing with BBC, a rider said, “I’m so done with Shanghai. Once I leave, I’ll never come back.”

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