According to 9news, Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the British Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, said Friday, Feb. 25, that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a terrible leader used as a pawn by China’s regime.

Tugendhat said, “I think what we’re going to see is a very, very ugly conflict I hope for everyone’s sake the Russian army loses quickly, but if it doesn’t then this war could last.”

The former military officer, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, warned that China uses Russia “as a tethered goat to see how the West reacts.” He added that China uses Putin as a “plaything.”

He said, “I don’t think Xi Jinping has done anything to dissuade Vladimir Putin from taking further steps. Indeed if it wasn’t for his encouragement then Vladimir Putin would not have redeployed thousands of troops from the eastern border and used them for this crime, this war crime.”

As Reuters reported on Feb. 23, Beijing may take advantage of a distracted West to ramp up pressure on Taiwan amid the crisis in Ukraine.

In response to what is happening with Ukraine, Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu said that Taiwan was watching China’s moves very closely amid the Ukraine crisis, adding that it had already prepared for a possible attack.

In the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show on Tuesday, Feb. 22, Former President Donald Trump said that China would do something to Taiwan, similar to current Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

9news reported that Tugendhat has also drawn similarities between the war in Ukraine and the risk of China’s invasion of Taiwan.

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