Bloomberg News reported that its employee Haze Fan’s release on bail on June 14. However, the news outlet hasn’t been able to contact the Chinese reporter since her release. 

Haze Fan is a local staff member of Bloomberg News’s Beijing office. According to a statement from the Chinese Embassy in Washington on May 6, she was released on bail in January, more than a year after she was imprisoned for alleged violating national security law.

The embassy wrote on its website, “At the request of Fan’s lawyer, China’s state security authorities decided to release her on bail in January 2022 pending trial.” 

Fan is still under investigation, but the statement didn’t specify when she might face trial.

The May 6 statement was issued in response to a World Press Freedom Day advertisement posted in the Washington Post a few days earlier. The ad referred to Fan’s detention, saying, “China continues its assault on a free press.”

A Bloomberg article in 2020 has previously said they did not know why Fan had been detained. The newspaper noted that Fan was taken away by police wearing plainclothes not long after she contacted a Bloomberg journalist.

At the time, Chinese authorities told Bloomberg that Fan’s detention had nothing to do with her profession. Until now, China’s government hasn’t publicly revealed the specific allegations that led to her detention.

Fan is a Chinese citizen who joined Bloomberg in 2017 after working for CNBC, CBS, Al Jazeera, and Reuters news outlets. 

Chinese nationals are banned from undertaking independent reporting for foreign media in China. They are only authorized to work as research assistants.

According to a report by Reporters Without Borders, there are currently 127 journalists detained in China.

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