Liaoning: Bizarre exercise at park, netizen: “looks like some crazy torture”

A viral Twitter video shows people practicing strange exercises at a park in Shenyang, Liaoning.

Footage shows a rope fixed on the tree with a cloth designed to hold people’s chins. People put their heads in the cloth design, their chins are held up, and then they make various “fitness” movements with the rope. There are gentle to advanced exercises, but most people just hang and swing.

According to the Twitter user who posted this video, despite many doctors saying,” It’s very dangerous for necks, and you may get paraplegic for this…” people practice the exercise as a cure.

Many netizens have also commented on this strange exercise. 

@Alexias77 said, “Omg – this looks like some crazy torture chamber!”; @l3Iack_Sheep said, “What do I see here? Looks weird and dangerous.”

Guangxi: Government lifted lockdown after people’s protest

On the evening of August 15, Beihai authorities announced that from August 16, the whole city would return to normalization.

 This was a surprising move since the city was brought under lockdown after a COVID outbreak on July 12. Before that, at a press conference on August 14, the Beihai authorities emphasized that the epidemic prevention work had entered the “finishing stage,” and the epidemic was still very complicated. Additionally, it didn’t mention any lifted lockdown situation in the city.

According to NTD, news on the Internet suggests that the authorities changed suddenly because of a citizen protest that broke out on August 15.

The video shows many people gathered to demand that the government lift the lockdown. 

NTD, citing residents, said the authorities originally postponed it to September 16, which caused public anger due to August 16 being the time for fishing in the North Sea.

Instructors beat 2 children at summer camp in Sichuan

Many Chinese parents let their children attend summer camps to expand their life experiences during holidays. However, this summer camp incident made people angry because two children were beaten violently.

On August 10, Xiao Li and Xiao participated in the Funky Military Summer Camp in Sichuan. 2 children requested the instructor, Chen, to let them go to the restroom, but they went to pick up pebbles. The instructor discovered and punished them with a rubber rod but did not notify the parents during the period from August 10 to August 13.

As reported by Chinese media, after returning home, parents discovered bruises on their child’s bodies, so they rushed to take the children to the hospital for examination. The children said that one was beaten with 20 sticks and the other with 23 sticks, “so painful that I couldn’t sleep, and I didn’t dare to cry at that time.”

On August 14, the two children were diagnosed with soft tissue contusions. The instructor involved admitted to being impulsive and hitting too hard. After that, they refund more than 2,000 yuan ($294,5) to parents for children’s compensation. Additionally, a food dividend of 5,000 yuan ($736) was also given to them.[video]

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