U.S. President Joe Biden sent a special mission to Taiwan when the war broke out between Ukraine and Russia.

According to Liberty Times Net, on March 1, scholars pointed out that the delegation members are cross-party senior officials familiar with Asian affairs across the Obama and Bush administrations, which indicates the possibility of deepening further defense cooperation between the U.S. and Taiwan. It is a deterrent signal to China.

Lu Yezhong (盧業中), director of the Department of Foreign Affairs of the National Chengchi University, said that the Biden envoy delegation is composed of five members. They have been involved in Asian affairs across the Obama and Bush Jr. administrations for a long time. And this is a symbol of the improvement of U.S.-Taiwan relations.

Lu said that their visit shows the friendly relations between the U.S. and Taiwan, especially when there are doubts about whether the U.S. guarantee will work amid the situation in Ukraine.

The scholar also said that the visit means that the U.S. attaches great importance to Taiwan’s security and gives China a signal: “don’t act rashly.”

Lu Yezhong also pointed out that mainstream opinions in the United States will not doubt China’s intentions toward Taiwan. But some people may think that Taiwan’s determination to defend itself does not seem sufficient.

Yan Zhensheng (嚴震生), a part-time researcher at the Center for International Relations at National Chengchi University, said that some international media, and even the United States, are comparing Ukraine and Taiwan. And they are discussing whether the U.S. security guarantees for Taiwan are reliable or not.
Yan said that Biden sent a special envoy to Taiwan at this time is a clear demonstration of his commitment to Taiwan.

Yan Zhensheng analyzed from the perspective of U.S. domestic politics that former U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo visited Taiwan, and he was very friendly to Taiwan. Pompeo even broke the atmosphere in which the U.S. The State Department’s previous one-China policy was difficult to compromise.

Yan said that because there is a strong anti-China voice in American society, Biden precisely sent the special heavyweight mission to Taiwan.

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