China didn’t attend United Nations’ Food Security Ministerial in New York City. This action was later condemned by the U.S. side.

On May 18, Secretary of State Antony Blinken came to New York City to organize meetings calling on action on global food security amid Russia’s conflict in Ukraine.

According to Fox News, a Biden administration official said [quote] “The Chinese government’s failure to show up at today’s food security ministerial at the United Nations in New York is disappointing, but sadly not surprising.” [end quote]

According to the Financial Tracking Service, China contributed only $3.4 million to the World Food Program in 2021. This amount compared to the US’s $3.6 billion donations.

According to the United Nations, China’s overall humanitarian funding in 2021 was only $9.2 million, while the United States paid nearly $11 billion in relief.

In 2022, the United Nations has not recorded any contributions from China to humanitarian relief.

The UN head warned on Wednesday that hunger levels around the world have hit a “new high.” He also urged for action to combat the current surge in global food insecurity.

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