The number of positive nucleic acid tests for athletes worldwide has significantly increased when they arrive in Beijing. However, experts say differences in domestic and foreign nucleic acid testing standards and political factors within the Chinese regime are out of control.

According to the epidemic announcement on the Beijing Winter Olympics official website, by the end of January 30th, 622 people, including athletes and team officials, underwent COVID tests at Beijing Airport Customs. Eight had positive results for COVID at the airport. Another four people tested positive in the closed-loop area of ​​Beijing.

Five people in the Olympic closed-loop retested positive of the other 630 Olympic stakeholders, including 20 who tested positive for nucleic acid at Beijing Airport.

For Olympic athletes, Beijing has long had regulations, including a negative nucleic acid test certificate valid within 48 hours before boarding.

According to the official website of the Beijing Olympic Games, since January 23rd, 2,999 athletes and accompanying officials have entered the country, of which 43 were positive for COVID tests at Beijing Airport Customs.

If other Olympic-related stakeholders are included, out of 6,669 people who have entered the country since January 23rd, 130 tested positive for nucleic acids at Beijing airport.

Virology expert Lin Xiaoxu told Chinese media Da Ji Yuan that the nucleic acid test of the Olympic athletes and their accompanying officials from negative to positive before and after boarding is related to the issue of testing standards.

According to Lin Xiaoxu, in a standard PCR nucleic acid test, when the CD value is lower than 30, the reliability is relatively high if the test result is positive. However, if the CD value has been raised to between thirty-five and forty, the rate of false positives is very high.

He added that in China’s COVID tests, the CD standard is 40, which means that any CD value below 40 will be counted as positive. Therefore, the possibility of this false positive is very high.

He emphasized that this is due to the PCR nucleic acid detection method’s limitations, so there needs to be a reasonable testing standard.

However, Lin Xiaoxu added that such false-positive results were not seen in the nucleic acid tests of all employees in mainland China, questioning the accuracy of the Chinese government’s COVID figures.

He analyzed that if nucleic acid testing of all employees in a city with a population of several million is carried out, even if it is carried out on a ten-to-one basis, there will be thousands of false positives samples.

Regarding the sharp increase in positive cases with Olympic athletes, Li Longteng, former Deputy Director of Taiwan’s Health Department Yuan, said that the Chinese regimes’ pandemic information is not transparent, adding that this kind of epidemic prevention is very dangerous.

Lin Xiaoxu said that it makes no sense for athletes to take a nucleic acid test every morning since it will pressure them psychologically and delay their match preparations.

Earlier, the media also reported that diplomats from many countries in Beijing had asked to return because they were not satisfied with the Chinese regime’s ‘Zero COVID’ policy.

Beijing Judicial Scholar and Jurisprudence Dr. Zhang stated that Beijing’s “Zero COVID” policy is anti-scientific and anti-human rights thinking. According to Zhang, its policy also reflects the Chinese regime’s attempt at covering up the pandemic at the end of 2019 and early 2020.

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